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Purchase and sales services
  • Your purchase or sale carried out by a specialist
  • up to date information availibility
  • network of the best growers
  • 24/7 services

Market promotion and new species
  • Promotion & introduction new species of peony
  • Test and show facilities
  • Concept development for pot and cut
  • Breeder right & trademark services
  • Royalty managment
info about Peony?
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info Dutch Peonies

As specialist peonies and perennials at CNB , Lisse  Netherlands I recommend for more than 25 years  professional growers and export companies at home and abroad. I guide and mediate the buying and selling process from A to Z and work only with the best growers. This ensures satisfied and loyal clients who want to be assured of quality bare rooted plants. Only wholesale.

"Only the best peony plants direct from top growers. "

Dutch Peonies
  •  Daily up-to- date information of supply & demand
  •  Large network of growers at home and abroad
  •  Up-to- date knowledge of the latest market and peonies
  •  Assortment advice
  •  NAKT -PD -approved plants (official Dutch Plant inspection)
  •  Delivery just- in-time

Assortment Advice for
  • Cut flower
  • Pot- and container
  • Mailorder
  • Export and trade